Teaching and Learning is the core business of our Academy. We are trying to prepare students to be successful in a rapidly changing world that has many challenges, some of which are unseen. Therefore it is our aim to have students involved fully in the learning process to promote an active culture of learning that equips students with the skills to be life-long learners.

Statement of the policy


To support our staff in delivering outstanding teaching and learning that meets the needs of our students enabling all to achieve their full potential.


Teaching and Learning is our core business. At Thomas Hepburn Community Academy every member of the Academy plays an integral part in monitoring the quality of teaching and learning. This policy is reviewed and best practice is shared through our Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Quality Assurance and Appraisal process.Teaching and learning is central to raising academic standards across the Academy and this policy is supported by the current Rapid Improvement Plan.

1. Main Policy

1.1 At Thomas Hepburn Community Academy we shall:

  • Encourage resourcefulness, curiosity and an open attitude towards learning, in our students.
  • Stretch and challenge our students according to their specific capabilities.
  • Reflect upon and share best practice via our whole staff CPD program.
  • Focus wider Academy activities around the purpose of learning and progress.
  • Enable our students to take ownership of, and lead, their own learning.


  • To enable students to make demonstrable progress in lessons and over time, in line with their potential
  • Students are actively challenged and engaged with a range of differentiated teaching and learning strategies.
  • Staff are empowered to successfully utilize a broad range of strategies and techniques to improve learning.


The key principles of teaching and learning which drive our work at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy

  • Fostering in staff and students a culture of high expectations where every student has the right to be successful and the potential to achieve.
  • The use of accurate assessment for learning so that all students are aware of their specific targets and what they need to do to reach them.
  • Cementing the importance of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.
  • Modelling learning skills and embedding a passion for learning in both staff and students.
  • Expanding the teacher's range of effective learning strategies to be employed in the classroom.
  • To provide a consistent learning experience for our students.

3 Practice

3.1 Outstanding teaching and learning

  • Outstanding teaching fosters outstanding learning. Outstanding teaching results when teachers:
  • Actively engage students in their learning and enable them to shape their own learning experience.
  • Have high expectations of their students and facilitate their progress towards their goals.
  • Motivate via well paced, stimulating activities matched to the learning styles of the students.
  • Use assessment for learning effectively as a tool to monitor and motivate students. Students are clear about what they have learned and how it fits in with their previous knowledge.
  • Reinforce learning with effective feedback and use this to set clear assessment backed targets for the future.
  • Make effective use of resources including Learning Support Assistants.

3.2 Expectations of Teachers at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy

Plan lessons that allow for progress over time of all groups of students

  • Assess students' work and provide formative and summative feedback regularly (see marking policy for additional information)
  • Teachers should be helpful and approachable, always positive about their students and enthusiastic about their learning.
  • Teachers are role models and should model the behaviour that is expected from students, for example teachers should treat students with respect
  • Teachers should be assertive and demonstrate good classroom control by applying school policies consistently
  • Teachers are expected to be fully prepared and on time to lessons
  • Engage continually with improvements in their practice, via reflection, self evaluation and welcoming feedback from others.
  • be accountable for the achievement of and progress of all classes that they teach, or contribute to the teaching of.

4. Responsibilities

Academy Leaders - The Leadership Team, Curriculum Leaders and any member of staff with a TLR are expected to be outstanding teachers and contribute to the continuous development of outstanding practice in the Academy.

Curriculum Leaders - The ambition of Curriculum Leaders should be to drive the quality of teaching and learning in their faculty areas to be outstanding

Teachers - All teachers should be well informed practitioners with a passion for their subject. all teachers play an active part in the Academy CPD programme and embed ideas into their practice.