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Schools are judged predominantly on the attainment and progress of their students. At Thomas Hepburn Community Academy, we believe that our students are as capable as any other students elsewhere in the country.

Should you require any specific information about achievement or standards then please feel free to contact Mr Zaheer, Acting Principal, using the information provided in the contact us section.

2017 Headline Results - Attainment

Attainment at Key Stage 4:

% of students achieving pass grades in English and Maths ("The Basics")

% achieving pass grades in English & Maths ("The basics") 2017 2018
% achieving a good pass (9-5) in English & Maths 20% 42%
% achieving a standard pass (9-4) in English & Maths 33% 53%

The measure shows where students have secured a grade 4 (broadly equivalent to the old grade C) or grade 5 (a higher standard of competency regarded as a good pass) in English and Maths.

Attainment at Key Stage 4:

% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate or E-Bacc

% achieving the E-bacc 2017 2018
Thomas Hepburn Community Academy 0% 4%

The measure shows where students have secured a C grade or better across a core of academic subjects which include English, Maths, History or Geography, the Sciences and a Language.

2017 Headline Results - Progress 8 and Attainment 8


The government and public (both as parents and taxpayers) have a right to understand how effective schools, colleges and academies are in their work. There is a clear need for appropriate accountability mechanisms to support this.

Successive governments have determined which of the headline measures within the national performance tables they believe to be a national priority and/or best reflect their views on how to quantify effectiveness. These measures have changed over time.

In light of a complete review of the current accountability system, there are a new set of measures which are now in operation.

At the end of their time in secondary education, schools and academies will now be held to account via what is called the "Progress 8" indicator.

We appreciate that some of this information may appear complex to parents and carers not overly familiar with educational terminology. However, we feel that in the interests of transparency, all of our partners should have access to this information.

Progress 8 & Attainment 8

Performance Measure 2017 2018
Average Attainment 8 Score 31.87 35.56
Average Progress 8 Score -1.38 -1.03

The aim is for schools and academies to score positively with regards to their Progress 8 score (above 0). A progress 8 score of "0" means that the students at the academy made average progress when compared to other students nationally.

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