I am extremely proud and profoundly delighted to be able to offer you a warm welcome to Thomas Hepburn Community Academy.

You only get one chance in life and it is our responsibility to ensure that, at ThomasHepburn Community Academy, each student has the best possible education, whatever stage they are at on their learning journey.

We will achieve this by having exceptionally high expectations of all staff and students with a sharp focus on the importance of always striving to do better and to try harder. We are determined to deliver a holistic learning experience, rich in opportunities to develop, which sets us apart from other schools and makes us amongst the best nationally and internationally.

Students will wear their uniform with pride, show an eagerness to learn and enjoy playing their part within our academy community. We expect our students to be polite and well behaved at all times, arriving punctually for every lesson and showing consideration for others.

Our vision is for all students to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential and overcome any barriers to their success. Whilst we recognise that there is much yet to do with regards to developing as an academy, we are part of an ambitious organisation and we are striving to be competing with the best schools nationally.

I am excited about what we have already achieved and am confident in how we are continuing to work here at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy. In a short period of time, the progress we have made is incredible. I hope you already share, or will learn to share, my belief that Thomas Hepburn Community Academy is going to be an exceptional place to learn as a student or to work as an adult.

We look forward to working with you all to ensure that our students continue to get the very best experience we can offer at our wonderful academy. I hope our website will help you to find out more about us.

Miss K J Wright

Acting Principal - Thomas Hepburn Community Academy