Online safety

At Thomas Hepburn Community Academy we take online safety very seriously.

Ensuring that your child is safe whilst using technology is very important and children using the internet inappropriately is a worry that a lot of parents face. Students at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy are taught about Online Safety in all year groups. Students know how to stay safe when using the internet and who to report problems to. As parents, you may also wish to contact the academy safeguarding team to raise concerns about your child or another child at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy if you have concerns about their safety.

The Thomas Hepburn Community Academy safeguarding team are:

Miss F McGregor

Mrs M Butler

Mr M Wood

Our safeguarding team at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy are specially trained to deal with a variety of Child Protection cases including Online Safety concerns. If you have any concerns about your child or another child, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team either through the school email system or by telephone.


CEOP are a department under the National Crime Agency umbrella that look into cases of child exploitation and abuse. If you believe that your child or another child has been the victim of child exploitation then you can report your concerns to CEOP directly by clicking on the CEOP logo to complete a referral form.


Unfortunately, bullying can happen in any school. However, at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy, we always take swift action to deal with any alleged instances of bullying effectively, sensitively and appropriately. Cyber bullying can take place when a person is caused alarm, harassment and distress through malicious communications. The Department for Education has released guidance for parents on dealing with Cyber Bullying. If you have concerns about bullying or cyber bullying at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy, please contact the academy and ask to speak to a member of our safeguarding team.


Research has shown an increasing trend in young children taking naked or semi-naked pictures of themselves and sharing them with other people. At Thomas Hepburn Community Academy, students learn about the dangers of sexting and the consequences that it can have. With technology developing at a faster and faster rate, parents can easily fall behind how to keep their children safe. This website by the NSPCC provides details for parents on the dangers of sexting and how to approch this issue with your son or daughter.


There are a number of support networks both locally and nationally which parents can contact for more information about Online Safety and Safeguarding as well as support for their own families.

Gateshead Family Information Service

Gateshead's Family Information Service (FIS) offers free,confidential and impartial advice and guidance to parents, carers and childcare providers.

Tel: 0191 433 5118

Email: [email protected]


Northumbria Police

If it is a serious matter or you believe a criminal offencehas been committed, please call Northumbria Police on 0800 011 3116 or 101. In an emergency, where you believe your child or you may be in immediate danger, always call 999.

Family Lives

For support with a variety of parental issues, Family Lives is a listening, supportive and non-judgemental charity that has been developed to help and support parents. Visit their website for more details.

Social Networks

To report an issue directly to a social networking site, please use the links below.

Facebook, guidance on how to report inappropriate content

Twitter, guidance on how to report abusive or harassing behaviour:

Snapchat, to report a safety or abuse issue: